Manufacturing & Engineering Services

Mars Engineering is a manufacturer of precision-machined parts and products. Our advanced technical experience in manufacturing ranges of standard as well as custom products, allow us to be your best supplier for producing small to large manufacturing components.

Our main goal is to always exceed your expectations. We offer competitive pricing, excellent quality and on-time delivery. Our team has over 15 years combined experience in the field of precision machining and mass production. We enjoy working closely with our customers and in building long term relationships.

  • Our Manufacturing Services include:
  • CNC machine work
  • CNC Turning & CNC Milling
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Precision Machining
  • Prototype-to-Production

We ensure accuracy an consistency of the most sophisticated parts with our attention to precise detail, our ability to engineer the most efficient solutions and our rigorous quality control systems. Mars engineering’s engineering department uses sophisticated CAD software to solve the most demanding manufacturing problems. We utilise a computerised and fully integrated management system, which keeps us abreast of your project throughout all manufacturing stages. We are recognised for our scrupulous attention to detail.

Special Engineering Services:
Re-Engineering for streamlined manufacturing
Reverse Engineering

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